Jewelry and Journals

Bohemian Minimalist Jewelry and Hand-knotted Bookmarks

With an emphasis on natural, semi-precious gemstones, I create jewelry as well as hand-knotted, macramé bookmarks that highlight the stones’ natural beauty and reflect a bohemian minimalist style. I use many local, Michigan stones in my work including kona dolomite, Petoskey stone, epidote, and mid-mitten alabaster.

Hand-Bound Journals

As a librarian, I have always been fascinated by the book arts. I make hand-bound journals, many of which are a smaller size suitable for small photo albums, sketchbooks, writing journals, etc. They typically contain blank paper. Practical and portable is my mantra!

I also create jotter journal sets of three small booklets that feature prints of my original botanical and nature artwork. Easy to tuck into a pocket or purse, these portable pieces of art are great for note-taking, sketching, and general idea-capturing.

Current offerings for sale can be found in my Etsy shop.