Mixed media experiment – tulip study in watercolor and colored pencil

I have some gorgeous red and yellow tulips in a vase this week. One of my very favorite flowers, I have always wanted to draw them, but get intimidated by the feathery red that blends into the yellow on the petals. I tend to use colored pencil and sometimes get too heavy-handed with it. IContinue reading “Mixed media experiment – tulip study in watercolor and colored pencil”

Red Eft Studio Promotion and Contest!

This is the first time I have done this, but the artwork is fantastic and features some of my favorite media to view (ink and watercolor), so I just had to spread the word! Red Eft Studio, a blog I have been following, is having a promotion and contest in January and February. The artistContinue reading “Red Eft Studio Promotion and Contest!”

Botanical Ornament – American Holly

This is one of the ceramic ornaments that I have recently put into my online Zazzle store. It features a small botanical painting that I did of an American Holly. The ornament can be personalized on both sides, and I am actually going to add the date and order one for our tree 🙂 TheyContinue reading “Botanical Ornament – American Holly”