A little bit of spring

Happy almost-spring! I bought some beautiful tulips at the store and had to draw one. The bright red and yellow colors are just so cheerful. This is pen and ink and colored pencil. I’d like to do a more careful study sometime, but for now, this quick rendering will do just fine. UPDATE (Dec. 2010): IContinue reading “A little bit of spring”

Tulip – colored pencil drawing

I had a chance to try a version of the tulip in colored pencil. It’s a beautiful purple/pink color with white at the top of the petals. I had some difficulty rendering the white — I added shadows in various shades of gray, but am not sure it turned out very well. If anyone hasContinue reading “Tulip – colored pencil drawing”

Tulip – graphite drawing

This is a graphite study of a tulip from my flower bed. I’ve been wanting to draw them for some time and finally have had the chance. I hope to do an additional version in colored pencil. This was a good place to start, though, giving me time to really study the shape, shading andContinue reading “Tulip – graphite drawing”