African Daisy Blossom – Graphite Sketch

I’ve been busy traveling a bit lately and haven’t had a chance to do much drawing. But I am tired of looking at my last post! 🙂 So, I figured I would upload a sketch I did a few years ago of an African Daisy blossom.  I love the unique shape of the petals, whichContinue reading “African Daisy Blossom – Graphite Sketch”

Sea Shell Thank You Card and African Daisy Invitation Template

Happy Friday!  I am expanding my horizons and have been starting create some card designs with text and templates that can be personalized. The first two I have created are below. What do you think? Since most of you have been around my blog for awhile, I would love to hear what other illustrations ofContinue reading “Sea Shell Thank You Card and African Daisy Invitation Template”