Pussy Willow Branch – colored pencil and pen and ink

In Eastern Rite churches, pussy willow branches are typically blessed and distributed with palm branches on Palm Sunday. The pussy willow branch is both strong and woody, but with very delicate, fluffy blossoms. I first did this drawing in graphite pencil. Then I decided to do the line work in pen and ink, erase theContinue reading “Pussy Willow Branch – colored pencil and pen and ink”

Rose – colored pencil study – almost done

The rose is coming right along. I spent a good bit of time this evening on the rest of the stems, and then working on the buds and the one leaf study that I included. I thought I might be done, but realized that I still need to work on the center of the roseContinue reading “Rose – colored pencil study – almost done”

Hoping for spring! Daffodils

In the spirit of anticipating spring, I wanted to post this sketch I did last April. I can’t wait for my tulips and daffodils out front to start blooming this year. I hope to do a lot more sketches like this to capture the variety of shapes and colors that we have in our littleContinue reading “Hoping for spring! Daffodils”