Chive blossom sketch

Who knew chives could be so pretty? 🙂 Our neighbors have a bunch of chives in their flower bed and they have a beautiful, light purple flower. When you clip the stem off, you can clearly smell the oniony scent of chives. The bloom consists of a cluster of small, individual blossoms that together lookContinue reading “Chive blossom sketch”

Rough sketch – daffodil blossom

This is a rough pen and ink and colored pencil sketch of a daffodil blossom. It was a freebie at the grocery store. They were clearing out flowers that were nearly wilted, so in addition to one for my 2-year-old to hold while we shopped, I asked for one for myself! I could have beenContinue reading “Rough sketch – daffodil blossom”

Lady Slipper Orchid – pen and ink, colored pencil

This is a lady slipper orchid that I saw at the Meijer Gardens Butterfly exhibit a few weeks ago. I did work from a photo since I didn’t have time to sketch while we were there. I loved the rounded and curled petals and leaves. I started with just a rough sketch and then decidedContinue reading “Lady Slipper Orchid – pen and ink, colored pencil”