Red-Tailed Hawk Tail Feather – First Molt?

I had a rare find when I was out and about recently — a beautiful feather. I looked it up and think it is a red-tailed hawk tail feather from a first molting. I was able to do a very rough sketch of it and took some photos. I hope to do a more detailedContinue reading “Red-Tailed Hawk Tail Feather – First Molt?”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes!

Merry Christmas and happy solstice! I did this little sketch of our cat, Lucy, sitting at the window sill at our old place a few years ago. Loved how she was looking out the window as it was snowing. I added the hat, but otherwise the red walls and red and green drapes were actuallyContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes!”

Raspberry sprig – light and shade study

I’ve been working on a drawing of a raspberry plant. It’s a cutting that I took from the bush in our side yard. I’m excited to be working from a live plant this time! It really does make all the difference. I had started with a nice drawing and began inking and doing some coloredContinue reading “Raspberry sprig – light and shade study”