February Bead Journal – finished

I have finished my February Bead Journal piece. I started out wanting to do something with these neat looking tiger-eye rock chip beads. I just love the browns and golds in the stones and initially thought I would try to make a bison out of it. Why a bison? Well, here in Ann Arbor weContinue reading “February Bead Journal – finished”

January Bead Journal Piece – in progress

I’ve started work on my January Bead Journal piece! I am working on rectangles of ultrasuede that are about 3.25 inches by 4.5 inches. I took Robin’s suggestion and added some acid-free paper to the back for stiffness, and basted that to the ultrasuede with a margin around the edge for finishing. I’ll hopefully bindContinue reading “January Bead Journal Piece – in progress”

Trial bead piece – finished

I’ve completed the trial bead embroidery piece that I posted yesterday. I was thinking of doing a border around the edge, but I sort of like that it is irregular and not perfectly round. I’m looking forward to switching gears and starting to think of how I want to approach my first Bead Journal pieceContinue reading “Trial bead piece – finished”