Rose – colored pencil study – almost done

The rose is coming right along. I spent a good bit of time this evening on the rest of the stems, and then working on the buds and the one leaf study that I included. I thought I might be done, but realized that I still need to work on the center of the roseContinue reading “Rose – colored pencil study – almost done”

Rose – colored pencil sketch – draft

So I have started working on the colored pencil of this rose drawing. It’s interesting to study the shading and try to replicate that in color. I have a ways to go yet, but I like how parts of it are turning out. We’ll see if that continues! Everything is a learning process… 🙂 OneContinue reading “Rose – colored pencil sketch – draft”

Rose – graphite

I’m working on a sketch of a rose – once again from a photo. Best to work from life, I realize, but in terms of practicing shading/colored pencil work the photos are useful tools for me (especially with toddler interruptions!) The graphite rendering below is rough, but I want to use it as a startingContinue reading “Rose – graphite”