Cat Portrait Commission – Pen and Ink

Ahhhh…how I love pen and ink! It has been some time since I have done a pet portrait, but I recently had a commission for a beautiful, Siamese cat.  I worked from photos like I normally do, but the cat itself was difficult to photograph because of the dark markings on the face and thereContinue reading “Cat Portrait Commission – Pen and Ink”

Portrait of two dogs in graphite

This is a commission that I recently completed of two dogs. The final drawing is about 11 X 14. I did this on hot press watercolor paper and used a mechanical pencil. I found that I worked slowly in layers of graphite, first with a rough sketch and then making sure I got the eyesContinue reading “Portrait of two dogs in graphite”

Two Cats in colored pencil – finished at last!

I have finally finished the portrait of the two cats. Whew! It was a long process, but I am very pleased with the result. The final image is about 8.5″ high X 15″ wide, so I had to scan each cat in separately and combine them in Photoshop to get them all in one imageContinue reading “Two Cats in colored pencil – finished at last!”