House Portrait – Finished!

I have been working on a house portrait commission this spring and just completed it this morning. This is a wonderful little 1950s brick ranch house. It has a lot of great details on it that made it very fun to draw, including the garage windows, the front door glass inset, the wrought iron porchContinue reading “House Portrait – Finished!”

Trillium – Done!

Here is a scan (not just a photo as I had posted before) of the final version of the trillium in ink and colored pencil: I continued to work on the shading and dark areas with dark indigo, but most of what I did was “paint” with my kneaded eraser by lifting out areas ofContinue reading “Trillium – Done!”

Update – Trillium Almost Done!

I have been working more on the trillium and am getting closer!  This is what it looked like yesterday (above), as I continued to add layers of color on all three leaves. And this is what it looks like today, after additional layering, mostly the olive green. I added dark indigo (9201-157) to the mixContinue reading “Update – Trillium Almost Done!”