A different sort of commission for me…landscape in pen and ink

I just completed my most recent commission in pen and ink. This was a little different than my normal subjects, but still an enjoyable challenge to render. As usual, this was done with my 3X0 (.25) Rapidograph pen on smooth Bristol paper. The scene is a special one for the recipient, so a different compositionContinue reading “A different sort of commission for me…landscape in pen and ink”

Cat Portrait Commission – Pen and Ink

Ahhhh…how I love pen and ink! It has been some time since I have done a pet portrait, but I recently had a commission for a beautiful, Siamese cat.  I worked from photos like I normally do, but the cat itself was difficult to photograph because of the dark markings on the face and thereContinue reading “Cat Portrait Commission – Pen and Ink”

Trillium Print – Combined Composition

I recently ventured into creating my first, small, print run of my artwork to be used in a gifting event. This was for the Christmas in July gift bags, an event for the indiExhibit, which were gifted to a small group of twelve celebrities.I have participated in events before, but never gifted a print ofContinue reading “Trillium Print – Combined Composition”