Trillium line drawings in ink

I have started working on some wildflower drawings using sketches and reference photos I took on my art retreat last month. Here are two line drawings of trillium wildflowers. My goal is to work on adding colored pencil to these. Stay tuned to see how they are coming along!

Vinca plant in graphite – line study

This is a graphite pencil drawing of a Vinca plant that I did for a course in botanical illustration a few years ago. I thought I had uploaded it here before, but guess I had not. The piece was supposed to be done entirely with line work (employing thick/thin lines bold/faded to indicate depth whenContinue reading “Vinca plant in graphite – line study”

Raspberry plant – pen and ink

This is another drawing (done this summer) from our raspberry bush. I based it on the one I did last year, using part of the leaves, but adding more berries from an initial study sketch I had in my sketchbook. I wanted to include more berries, some fully ripe and some in the process. ToContinue reading “Raspberry plant – pen and ink”