Another Tiger’s Eye Wrap Bracelet

I have finished another Tiger’s Eye leather wrap bracelet!  This one is going to be a gift  – a big thank you to my customer who commissioned it! It has a wonderful swirly brown button at the closure that I think goes really well with the colors in the beads. It is a double wrapContinue reading “Another Tiger’s Eye Wrap Bracelet”

Double Wrap Bracelet in Blue!

Here’s my latest bracelet! I mixed it up in the color department this time, going with 2mm black leather cord, 8lb smoke grey Fireline thread and 6mm sapphire blue round shell beads. Yet another button from Gram’s tin. This is a very nice, faceted black button which gives the closure a subtle bit of flair,Continue reading “Double Wrap Bracelet in Blue!”

Tiger’s Eye Leather Beaded Bracelet

I am continuing on my fascination with wrap bracelets!    I completed a sweet little single wrap, this one with 6mm Tiger’s Eye round beads and dark brown leather cord (2mm). It actually has a surprisingly nice heft to it, which is why I chose to only do a single wrap. I love the lookContinue reading “Tiger’s Eye Leather Beaded Bracelet”