Happy 4th Blogiversary Giveaway!

As a thank you for your continued support of my blog and my business, I am happy to announce a giveaway opportunity! This is the fourth year of my blog and I am giving away one of my new sliding stone necklaces to one lucky winner: Mookaite Jasper Sliding Stone Necklace This adjustable necklace featuresContinue reading “Happy 4th Blogiversary Giveaway!”

New Pendants!

Gemstones – I just love ’em. The natural colors and patterns that the earth creates and that people shape and polish grab my attention every time. What is your favorite semi-precious gemstone? Do you have a “thing” for a particular natural object that inspires your art or jewelry? Let me know! For me, I reallyContinue reading “New Pendants!”

Bracelet For Sale! Mookaite Jasper with Dark Brown Leather.

Bracelet For Sale!  Mookaite Jasper with Dark Brown Leather. This beautiful single-wrap bracelet features 6mm Mookaite jasper stones in rich tones ranging from dark reds and golds to creamy white. They come wrapped in dark brown leather with a natural wooden button closure. Mookaite, like other jaspers, is said to be a very protective stone,Continue reading “Bracelet For Sale! Mookaite Jasper with Dark Brown Leather.”