“Backyard Pollinators” Coloring Book

In late summer 2020, a call for entries went out from GNSI member, Cordelia Norris of Luna Creative for a coloring book on backyard pollinators. Remember my post about “All Along the Atlantic”? Well, this is the second coloring book in a series produced by Cordelia and her team. I jumped at the chance toContinue reading ““Backyard Pollinators” Coloring Book”

Wrapping up 2016!

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2016 has almost drawn to a close. I have been busy with a variety of art projects since I last posted in July. House portraits, jewelry and journals! As the beginning of the school year approached, things became busy, but once the┬ákids were in school it allowed me the┬áchance to completeContinue reading “Wrapping up 2016!”

Recipe Cards! Do you prefer lines or no lines?

Thanks to a suggestion from my cousin Jess, who is a fantastic designer and cook (check out her blog – The Saucy Kitchen), I have been creating new recipe cards in Zazzle.  I have been having fun with variations on a couple of designs. For example, the garlic scapes card above has lines for writingContinue reading “Recipe Cards! Do you prefer lines or no lines?”