Birch Bark and Buds

Winter is still wrapping up in our part of the country, but there is no shortage of drawing material thanks to our neighbor’s beautiful, white birch tree. About a month ago, I went outside to run an errand and found what I thought was a piece of plastic garbage in the driveway. We have hadContinue reading “Birch Bark and Buds”

A little slice of heaven…

So we are having what is probably the last warm-up in weather until spring here in Michigan. Temps are mid-70s, sun is shining and there is a beautiful breeze going through the house. With the threat of rain tomorrow and a high of 52, I wanted to take full advantage! With my 3-year-old at homeContinue reading “A little slice of heaven…”

African Daisy Blossom – Graphite Sketch

I’ve been busy traveling a bit lately and haven’t had a chance to do much drawing. But I am tired of looking at my last post! 🙂 So, I figured I would upload a sketch I did a few years ago of an African Daisy blossom.  I love the unique shape of the petals, whichContinue reading “African Daisy Blossom – Graphite Sketch”