GNSI Fourth Coast Illuminated Exhibit!

UPDATE: Check out the Fourth Coast Illuminated‘s Facebook page! It contains an online gallery of 72 (of the 75) images in the exhibit. I am excited to be preparing three pieces for an upcoming exhibit called Fourth Coast Illuminated. This exhibit of art by GNSI artists from the Great Lakes region will feature flora, fauna,Continue reading “GNSI Fourth Coast Illuminated Exhibit!”

The Fish Bridge to Japan Project – Gyotaku printmaking

What do you know about natural science printmaking? Not much? Me either, until just recently! Through the Guild of Natural Science illustrators (GNSI) I learned about a project that one of the GNSI members, Stephen Di Cerbo, is working to get funded through Kickstarter called The Fish Bridge to Japan. Stephen has been developing hisContinue reading “The Fish Bridge to Japan Project – Gyotaku printmaking”

Stickers and Preschool Presentation – How to tell 3-year-olds about drawing?

So today I did a presentation to my daughter’s 3-year-old preschool class about drawing.  How do you keep preschoolers interested in a short talk? Interactive and hands-on! Ask Them Questions I only had about 10 minutes, and so I did some back and forth questions and answers with the kids, asking about drawing, what theyContinue reading “Stickers and Preschool Presentation – How to tell 3-year-olds about drawing?”