FREE Swatch Day today at Spoonflower!

Today is FREE SWATCH DAY at Spoonflower! You can pick from any design in the Spoonflower marketplace today and order one, free swatch. Not only are there many, amazing designs to choose from, there are a number of wonderful fabrics, too, so go out, browse and order! NOTE: I just saw that the free swatchContinue reading “FREE Swatch Day today at Spoonflower!”

FREE Swatch Day at Spoonflower! This Thursday, Aug. 18th

Guess what? This Thursday, Aug. 18 is Spoonflower‘s 3rd annual free swatch day! Having just joined Spoonflower earlier this year, it is the first time that I have had a chance to participate in, as well as order, a free swatch. You can find my designs at my profile here: CCreech Studio – Fabric DesignsContinue reading “FREE Swatch Day at Spoonflower! This Thursday, Aug. 18th”