Back to Drawing! Powder Puff Tree (Calliandra haematocephala)

Happy New Year, all! We have had a bit of an extended winter/holiday break from school since the polar vortex arrived here in Michigan. However, things are starting to thaw out and we will be back on schedule soon.One bonus of the extra time was having the opportunity to get back into drawing after theContinue reading “Back to Drawing! Powder Puff Tree (Calliandra haematocephala)”

A View In Color

Remember the pen and ink commission I posted a while back? It was originally done just in ink, but after consulting with the client, they decided that they preferred some color (this is for a gift and is a special place to the recipients, so they wanted to make sure it really resonates with them.)Continue reading “A View In Color”

A little slice of heaven…

So we are having what is probably the last warm-up in weather until spring here in Michigan. Temps are mid-70s, sun is shining and there is a beautiful breeze going through the house. With the threat of rain tomorrow and a high of 52, I wanted to take full advantage! With my 3-year-old at homeContinue reading “A little slice of heaven…”