Daffodil Sketches – ink and colored pencil

I have added some colored pencil to these daffodil sketches. This is definitely a loose addition of color as I did not have lots of time to spend on it, but I love that it shows the brightness of the blossoms. This was done on Strathmore vellum drawing paper, so the texture was much rougherContinue reading “Daffodil Sketches – ink and colored pencil”

Daffodil Sketches – Pen and Ink

I had a chance to sketch some beautiful yellow daffodils that I bought from the store. These are done in pen and ink on Strathmore drawing paper. I haven’t had time yet to add color – perhaps soon! I just loved seeing these in various stages of opening up. I practically itch to draw asContinue reading “Daffodil Sketches – Pen and Ink”

Hoping for spring! Daffodils

In the spirit of anticipating spring, I wanted to post this sketch I did last April. I can’t wait for my tulips and daffodils out front to start blooming this year. I hope to do a lot more sketches like this to capture the variety of shapes and colors that we have in our littleContinue reading “Hoping for spring! Daffodils”