Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes!

Merry Christmas and happy solstice! I did this little sketch of our cat, Lucy, sitting at the window sill at our old place a few years ago. Loved how she was looking out the window as it was snowing. I added the hat, but otherwise the red walls and red and green drapes were actuallyContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Wishes!”

Two cats – first cat, continuing colored pencil

Another step in the process for you to see. It is still coming along, but I am not sure if I kept the head markings correct as compared to the photo. I will continue this, but may end up redoing it in the end. Even if that ends up happening, this will be great practiceContinue reading “Two cats – first cat, continuing colored pencil”

Two cats – first cat, colored pencil progressing

I have continued to layer color and work on the fur for the first of the two cats. Still a long way to go, but it is progressing well, I think. It’s always interesting to see a drawing take shape before your eyes. And for something like this, that takes a bit of time toContinue reading “Two cats – first cat, colored pencil progressing”