A Beautiful Fall Leaf!

Finally, some new artwork! I had a rare opportunity this afternoon – toddler was napping and my older daughter and her friend were out in the yard playing on this gorgeous, fall day. They were bringing me leaves and this little gem was in the stash.  I haven’t looked up what tree this is fromContinue reading “A Beautiful Fall Leaf!”

Tiles, Trivets and Boxes – Oh My!

Zazzle has recently made some wonderful new products available in the marketplace. We can now create tiles, trivets, and beautiful gift boxes! I am so excited at the possibilities since I have always thought tiles (and products featuring those, like trivets and boxes…) would really suit my artwork quite well.    I have been pluggingContinue reading “Tiles, Trivets and Boxes – Oh My!”

75% off of 75+ Holiday Greeting Cards at Zazzle!

Zazzle is having a fantastic sale on holiday greeting cards: 75% off of orders of 75+ cards!  Use Code: JOY2THEWORLD at checkout.   That may sound like a lot, but I know we send out over 80 cards to family and friends each year, so it’s really a pretty great deal! Remember, you can chooseContinue reading “75% off of 75+ Holiday Greeting Cards at Zazzle!”