Tulip – colored pencil drawing

I had a chance to try a version of the tulip in colored pencil. It’s a beautiful purple/pink color with white at the top of the petals. I had some difficulty rendering the white — I added shadows in various shades of gray, but am not sure it turned out very well. If anyone hasContinue reading “Tulip – colored pencil drawing”

Tulip – graphite drawing

This is a graphite study of a tulip from my flower bed. I’ve been wanting to draw them for some time and finally have had the chance. I hope to do an additional version in colored pencil. This was a good place to start, though, giving me time to really study the shape, shading andContinue reading “Tulip – graphite drawing”

Maple tree buds – continued

I’ve continued drawing the maple tree buds out in front of our house. A few weeks ago, I posted them as they were just popping out, all red and berry-like. In this update, the red covering has fallen off and the bundled, silvery-green leaves are emerging. There are some beautiful red highlights both in theContinue reading “Maple tree buds – continued”