April Bead Journal – finished

I have finished my April Bead Journal piece. Yes, I’m clearly a bit behind, but plugging along! I did not encrust the whole piece this time – partly to save time and partly because I chose a more planned, geometric design, and I think it looks nicer with a bit of white space. I originallyContinue reading “April Bead Journal – finished”

March Bead Journal Project – finished!

Good morning! I have finally finished my March Bead Journal Project piece. I really enjoyed the bright colors and flowing pattern. I still haven’t figured out how to sew down the big orange stone under the turtle – I’m certain there are instructions in one of the many books I have on beading, but IContinue reading “March Bead Journal Project – finished!”

February Bead Journal – finished

I have finished my February Bead Journal piece. I started out wanting to do something with these neat looking tiger-eye rock chip beads. I just love the browns and golds in the stones and initially thought I would try to make a bison out of it. Why a bison? Well, here in Ann Arbor weContinue reading “February Bead Journal – finished”