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About the Artist

My name is Carol, and I am the owner and artist behind CCreech Studio here in Ann Arbor, MI.

My creative journey has been a long, slow, winding road that somehow always seems to come back to drawing, nature and working with my hands. I enjoy working with a variety of materials, and my creative goal is to connect my customers to nature, but in a purposeful, elegant and useful way.

No matter what I create, I will provide you with a high-quality piece made by my own hands; something that inspires you with a little “ah-ha!” of your own. Perhaps it is a favorite color, plant, or animal that has meaning for you? Or maybe it is a perfectly sized mini-journal to take with your during your day for notes/creative writing/sketches? Or it could even be a single stone with just the right shape, color or perfect imperfection that makes you feel like you have found a part of yourself. Whatever you find, I hope that you enjoy the connection to nature and durable simplicity of each creation. Please take a look around to see what catches your eye!


American Society of Botanical Artists


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