Sketchbook Exchange – Round 3

The Nature Miscellany Sketchbook Exchange began a third trip around the world in 2017. Since life gets in the way for many of us, the sketchbooks took a leisurely time to go to each participant and finally made their way back to the original owners in 2019.

I was pleased to have a chance to draw many of my favorite botanicals for the other participants. Apologies for the dark photos. I just took some quick pictures before sending them on their way.

I began the sketchbook with some beautiful gerbera daisies and left room on the facing page for each artist to sign as they completed the book.
I added a few more colorful bits, a petunia and a dahlia, before I sent this one off.
I finally had a chance to draw the Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata) in April 2017 for the first book I received.A walk through my favorite place, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, in August 2017 inspired me to tackle Showy Tick-Trefoil from the Great Lakes Garden for the next sketchbook.
The hostas in my garden turn wonderful shades of copper, yellow and green in autumn. I didn’t have time to finish the detailed color pattern in October 2017, but I sort of like it better this way.
The famous Peony Garden at the University of Michigan inspired this rhododendron drawing in May of 2018.
August 2018 brought the ripe berries and green leaves of the Solomon’s Seal from a late summer walk through Matthaei.
Finally, looking for winter inspiration, I went to Matthaei’s conservatory and found this beautiful, purple orchid (Laelia anceps) in January 2019.

When my own book made its way back to me, I found it filled with gorgeous drawings from my artist friends. (note the pen and ink pine cone – I forgot I had done that one in my book before it left!) I think the next round is on hold for the foreseeable future, but I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in such a wonderful project. It has kept me looking for new ideas and pushing myself to try new botanical subjects. A huge thank you to my fellow participants. It is an honor to have your work in my books!

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