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Spring in full swing!

It has been awhile since my last post! It seemed to take forever for spring to take hold here in Michigan, but we are in full-swing and leaning towards early summer now.

I have not done nearly as much drawing as I would like, but did manage to get some more sketchbook entries done and take lots and lots of photos for future reference!

My March sketchbook entry coincided with St. Patrick’s Day. I found a beautiful little shamrock plant at the store, so a simple study with just a bit of color captured the leaves and delicate blooms.

In April, I continued to check on the progress of my favorite star magnolia in a nearby park. I just love the large, fuzzy buds. I decided to do a small branch study just in ink and a close-up of one, opening bud. Such great textures and earthy colors!

Finally, in May, ours and the neighbors front yards were covered in gorgeous wild violets. So tiny, but so colorful! When I got closer to take photos, I became fascinated with the cup-like leaves and deep violet-purple centers of the flowers. Definitely needed to document this in the next sketchbook!

I only have one more book to fill and send on for this round, and there is no shortage of material with peony buds and blossoms opening as well as all manner of leaves to study.

What has been your favorite natural item to document these days?

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