New! Silk and Stone Wrap Bracelets

What’s new in the shop these days? 
Well, after a busy holiday season and getting through some January colds and viruses, I had a bit of a drought when it came to new items for the shop. Feeling better this month, I was anxious to get back to my jewelry table! I have some wonderful supplies and was looking for new ways to combine them.
I dug out these beautiful, hand dyed, 100% silk ribbons that I ordered a few months ago. Silk wrap bracelets in various forms are popular right now, and I wanted to see what I could create that was just a little different than the many offerings currently out there.
I came up with what I call a ‘Tribal Twist’ Silk and Stone Wrap Bracelets. With a little bit of s-lon beading thread and some Czech seed beads, I strung stone rounds and nuggets in 6mm-8mm sizes, knotting the ribbon in between, to create comfortable, light and colorful wrap bracelets.

The beauty of these is the variety of stones and sizes I can create. I can add more beads for a shorter wrap, or a few less to fit larger wrists. All of the ones I have created so far will fit anywhere from a petite to large wrist size, wrapping three times around for most, twice for a larger wrist.

I am having a great time choosing stones and silks to pair up, so look for more of these in the coming weeks!

Crazy Lace Agate Pink Silk and Stone Wrap

Packaged on a bracelet card shows how it can look on the wrist. 
Fossil Coral Jasper Brown Silk and Stone Wrap


Labradorite Navy Silk and Stone Wrap.

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