2012 Year In Review and Looking Forward – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013! 
Welcome to CCreech Studio’s 2012 Year in Review and Looking Forward to 2013
I have seen similar posts on other artist’s sites and thought this would be a great way to start the new year. 2012 was a busy year, creatively, and this is a great way to recall just how much was accomplished and take a look forward to what I hope to pursue in the coming year. So, let’s take a look!

2012 Year In Review
  1. I opened my Etsy shop almost one year ago, in January 2012
    • I had 23 sales (of 30 items) in shop, but also about 30-40 additional sales outside of the shop, including sales made at booths throughout the year.
      • My offerings started with leather wrap bracelets made with natural gemstones, but quickly expanded to include:
        • Blank, hand-bound journals
        • Jotter journals with reprints of my nature and botanical artwork.
        • Natural stone pendants, most of which are on waxed cotton cord as an alternative to leather.
        • Hand-knotted, macrame and gemstone bookmarks 
  2. Advertised in a national magazine, FOLKMagazine.
    • Participated in their Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway, donating one of my bookmarks that was given to a lucky winner.
  3. Participated in three, in-person booth craft/gift shows 
    • Saline Farmer’s Market (August 2012)
    •  10th Annual Kerrytown BookFest (September 2012)
    • 1st Annual Holiday Greens & Gift Market in Kerrytown (December 2012)
  4. Consignment opportunities:
    1. I am fortunate to have items from my shop on consignment at two local shops/galleries:
  5. My first exhibit!
    • The exhibit, “Illustrating Science: From Anatomy to Zoology”, showcased scientific illustrations on a range of subjects, done by local illustrators. Four of my botanical illustrations were on display during June-July 2012 at the Ann Arbor District Library.
  6. Drawing projects
    • I had three commissions this year:
      • Ink house portrait
      • Ink portrait of a cat (Beacon)
      • Landscape in ink and colored pencil.
  7. Donated a bracelet for the 8th Annual Circle of Art benefit for Food Gatherers, a local food bank.
  8. Donated a hand-bound journal to the American Society of Botanical Artists annual auction.
  9. The indiexhibit
    • Participated in the American Music Awards with two display items that were gifted.
    • Participated in providing mugs and jewelry to three film projects being completed in the coming months.

    2013 Goals
    1. Keep creating!
    2. Continue to add to the Etsy shop
      • More hand-bound mini-journals with natural gemstones, silk wraps, and more.
        • I enjoy creating blank ones for a variety of creative uses, including art, writing, photos, etc.
        • Develop an idea for a journal format that a friend described to me last year.
      • More bookmarks, bracelets, and pendants; including finding new stones to use, state-specific stones.
    3. Participate in 1-2 booth shows
    4. Continue my partnership with FOLKMagazine. for 3 of the 6 issues this year:
        • I will have ads in the first three issues:
          • Issue IX Winter 2013
          • Issue X Spring 2013
          • Issue XI Summer 2013
    5. Continue consignment opportunities.
    6. Create wholesale price sheet and look into wholesale opportunities.
    7. Continue participating in The indiexhibit events as opportunities arise. It is a fun way to get a different angle of exposure and have my creations in different venues.
      • Participating in the gift lounge at the Academy Awards ceremony (The Oscars) 2013 in February.
    8. Participate in the 9th Annual Circle of Art benefit.
    9. Draw more! I had some commissions, but did not really do much sketching or drawing last year. This year I *will* do more! 🙂
      • Botanical and nature art – both sketches and finished pieces. I would love to do a few ‘sketching’ days at the local botanical garden.
      • House portrait of my own house.
      • Other commissions that come along.
    10. Seek out other exhibit opportunities.
    11. Attend the American Society of Botanical Artists conference in Pittsburgh in the fall.

    So there it is! I am sure I will add to this list as the year goes on, but this certainly looks like a great start!

    Do you have any creative goals for the coming new year? I’d love to hear about them.

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    1. Happy new year carol. Looks like you have a busy year planned and I hope you enjoy 2013 with lots of creativity.Best wishes for a wonderful year.

    2. You have had a very busy and productive year, well done! I look forward to seeing your creative endeavors in 2013. It is remotely possible that I will go to the ASBA conference as well, and if so it would be fun to meet you in person.

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