New Pendants!

Gemstones – I just love ’em. The natural colors and patterns that the earth creates and that people shape and polish grab my attention every time.
What is your favorite semi-precious gemstone? Do you have a “thing” for a particular natural object that inspires your art or jewelry? Let me know!

For me, I really enjoy the small rounds that I have been using to create my bracelets. I tend to use the 4mm (which are fairly small) and the 6mm stones. Recently, however, I ordered some larger stones that caught my attention – some Mookaite jasper nuggets and some fossil coral puff squares. I ordered them thinking I might use them in my bookmarks. But when they arrived and were actually a bit larger than I thought and it started the creative juices flowing…rather than use them for bookmarks, I thought they would make fantastic pendants!

One thing I love about a chunk of gemstone is the simple beauty of the stone itself. I strive to use only natural stones that have been cut and polished, but otherwise not enhanced. I want to emphasize that naturalness and simplicity in my pendants whenever possible. Also, my personal wardrobe is pretty simple these days as I have young children, so I love a simple necklace or pendant to add some interest to a solid-color shirt or other casual outfit.
For my first pendant, I used black leather cord (1.5mm) and a beautifully patterned fossil coral square (approx. 3/4 inches square.)
Instead of metal pins and jump rings, I preferred to attach the stone using some matching S-Lon thread, looped through, knotted and carefully glued so that the pendant can still be moved on the cord. It turned out very well. 
I made the next few pendants with various Mookaite jasper nuggets, which come in a gorgeous, earthy range of deep maroon, dark red, pink, pearly white, and goldenrod yellow, some of those all on the same stone! This time, I experimented with some 1mm waxed cotton cord. Although I am sure I will make more with leather, the waxed cotton offers a nice alternative for those who do not care for leather, and I really like the lighter weight and drape of the waxed cotton. I used both dark brown and black waxed cotton cord, but also a lovely light yellow that went very nicely with the goldenrod Mookaite nugget.

Dark goldenrod stone with dark brown markings. 

Pink and goldenrod stone – already sold! 🙂

Toffee-colored stone with some dark gold markings on the bottom.

Another Mookaite nugget – this one with beautiful deep maroon, red, and cream colored markings.

As you can see, I paired some of these stones with some complimentary Czech glass beads, which add a little sparkle to the design without overshadowing the stone.

I purposely made the pendants longer and with an adjustable closure so that the wearer could easily slip them over the head and choose the length.

Finally, here is one that I did with a gorgeous malachite teardrop-shaped bead and a 4mm malachite round. With the silver Czech beads and black cord, it makes for a striking pendant. 

I have some great ideas from my bead stash and some new waxed cotton cord colors that should arrive this week, so definitely stay-tuned to the Etsy shop for more beautiful pendants! 

4 thoughts on “New Pendants!

  1. Wow, I love that fossilized coral! That's one of my favorite stones, actually — that and botswana agate, which had those awesome swirly patterns like a fingerprint. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, the fossil coral is awesome. I also love the botswana agate and some of the other agates and jaspers with their patterning. Such fun!Carol

  3. I think watermelon tourmaline is pretty neat (maybe because i love watermelon?) ~ of course I've yet to find a slice I can afford! ha ha !! :)))) The pendants are great, I love the little fossils!Happy Summer!

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