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The indiExhibit Member of the Week! Babcia’s Heart: Inspired Custom Crochet

I have mentioned before that I am a part of a wonderful, global group of independent artists and craftspeople called The indiExhibit (or IE). IE members come together to provide gift or ‘swag’ bags for a variety of events including everything from celebrity red-carpet events to local and national charity events. 
As a group, we would like to help get the word out on it’s members and the terrific, varied talents each of us bring. This week, the featured member is Joanna Lesinski of Babcia’s Heart. Joanna crochets beautiful items including traditional blankets and throws to wonderfully whimsical hats and purses. Check out her Etsy shop for more details on these and other items!

Joanna created a custom coupon code – use IE4ME20 to receive 20% off of items in her shop. Great ideas for Mother’s Day, upcoming birthdays and more!


 Cozy Circle Afghan


I Speak For The Trees Earflap Hat (adult and youth sizes.)


Cupcake Purse

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