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Trillium – Done!

Here is a scan (not just a photo as I had posted before) of the final version of the trillium in ink and colored pencil:

I continued to work on the shading and dark areas with dark indigo, but most of what I did was “paint” with my kneaded eraser by lifting out areas of color where there are highlights and then doing a tiny bit of blending after that.

Here is a detail shot of the center (per Irene’s request!) 🙂 I am embarrassed at how much clean-up I need to do around the edges!! However, it is helpful indeed to see a close-up.


I really like how it turned out. Is it perfect? No, but it feels “done” to me. I don’t want to compare it exactly to the reference photo, but rather just look at it on it’s own merit. I know from past experience that I will set it aside and catch a glimpse of it later and continue to be very pleased with the end result.

I have a second reference photo and line drawing in ink of another trillium – this time with an open blossom. So, that will be next on my list!

What do you have on your drawing table or workbench this week?

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