Stehekin MailArt Project! Celebrating a Tiny Town’s Post Office.

There is a really fun art project going on right now. It’s called Stehekin MailArt and it’s being put together by artist Earnest Ward. From the Facebook Event page description:

Stehekin is a small isolated township of 85 year-round residents located at the upper tip of Lake Chelan in Washington state. It is also the southern gateway to some of the most breathtaking scenery (and over half the glaciers) in the United States. Stehekin has no outside road access, no telephone landlines, no cellphone service. The post office serves as a link to the outside world, community bulletin board, and provisioning point for Pacific Crest Trail hikers.

Join us in celebrating the USPS decision NOT to close the township’s post office by sending in your mail art.

INSTALLATION: Jan. 15, 2011

The project website has additional details on what you can send (there are three themes – maps, fauna, mountains) and how large/small the artwork needs to be, as well as the mailing address.

I wanted to send one of my illustrations on a postcard. It didn’t quite fit one of the themes, but I modified it a bit to be map-like. This is what I sent in today:

All of the artwork received will be posted on the website and in January will be installed in Stehekin’s Golden West Gallery. What fun! 

There are still two weeks to go and Earnest has mentioned that the deadline is a bit loose so as long as things come in by January 15, it should be able to be included.  So, get your creative juices flowing and send something out!

4 thoughts on “Stehekin MailArt Project! Celebrating a Tiny Town’s Post Office.

  1. Oh what fun! I want to play along too!!! Thanks for sharing! How wonderful they get to keep their post office!! LONG LIVE SNAIL MAIL!:))))))))

  2. This is awesome….I may have to get something in the mail!I just came across your blog via "artists in blogland"…I love you work and hope to see more! I will be following!www.fiddleheadarts.blogspot.comHappy Holidays-Jennifer

  3. Hi Jennifer – so glad you found my blog! Please do follow along…I'm hoping to get a chance to do some more drawing in the new year. I'll check out your blog as well. Happy holidays!Carol

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