Need Your Vote in the Bird Fabric Contest!

Spoonflower hosts a number of design contests and this week’s is for a palette-limited bird design. Three colors were set by Spoonflower and a fourth color was chosen by the artist.
I altered the colors and arrangement of my Japanese Crane drawing to meet the design requirements and entered it!

Here is what it looks like:

Japanese Cranes - Bird Contest (v2)

I would love to have a vote for my design if you are so-inclined! See the ‘Vote for Bird Fabrics’ link at the end of this post. 
You can vote for as many fabrics as you want, so feel free to browse through all of the entries and click away at the ones you like. You can vote through next Wednesday evening and the results will appear on Thursday, September 15th. Thanks and happy bird-browsing!

One thought on “Need Your Vote in the Bird Fabric Contest!

  1. Thanks for sharing Carol! I very much enjoyed the designs. Your design is so pretty. I loved it and a couple of others as well. Good Luck, Love, Aunt Cathy

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