Notice anything new?

Why yes, that’s a new logo! 🙂
I am excited to debut the new look for my business – check out the updates on my website, store, and Facebook page!
I love the simple, yet professional look of the logo. It was created for me by a graphic designer, Alejandro Farfan, who walked me through a creative brief and three rounds of suggested logos before I decided on what I wanted.

Three rounds for something so simple, you might ask? Yes! It turns out that analyzing how you want to represent your business takes a bit of brainstorming. I found it very interesting to think about, for example, whether I wanted an emblem-type logo to symbolize my business or just the business name, a logo in color or black and white (the text, especially), what type of graphic I wanted to include, and whether I wanted a larger, more involved graphic vs. a smaller, more subtle one. Not to mention, having in mind my audience, who I market my work to, how I want them to view my business, etc.
Alejandro was instrumental in taking my comments and ideas and putting them into visual form. That gave me concrete examples that I could then look at, think about, decide what I liked and didn’t like about them. I was sort of surprised that I decided to go with just the text of the business name, but after much thought, I feel that the final result truly represents me and my artwork. Simple and elegant, yet personal, reflecting my interest in and inspiration from nature. I love it!

Have you ever gone through a similar process for your own business? What did you find most surprising about the process?


  1. Agreed–it is a classy look–also fresh and it's simple enough to be recognized at a glance. Goes with your style very nicely imho.-Anita.

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