House Portrait in progress!

I am making good progress on my current project – an 10 x 8 inch pen and ink house portrait. 
This property has quite a few trees and foliage around the house itself. One of the trees is situated right in front of the front door. I always try to make sure at least part of the door is visible, so I have been working with the owner to determine how big to make the tree.

Here is a progression that you might be interested in seeing – from initial pencil drafts through several revisions of the front tree:

  Rough pencil draft placing house features, trees, etc.
 Additional details on the house and landscaping.
I sent this draft to the owner to see if the scaling-down of the front tree was acceptable.
 The owner wanted to expand the tree a bit more to reach up to the upper window, so this is the adjustment I made.

The owner approved the height of the tree, but I did some additional tweaking on the sides to fill it out a bit more.
I actually did some more revisions on the brick work as I thought it looked too heavy and uneven here. Stay tuned for the next update to see the finalized pencil draft and beginning pen work!

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