Squirrel on Tree – Ink and Colored Pencil

This is another sketch from a few years ago. We live near the University of Michigan campus here in Ann Arbor, so squirrels are always around. This one was climbing down a tree as we sat outside on a beautiful fall day. It is skinnier than you normally see at that time of year! 

I tried to capture the wonderful curves of the tail as it swished around, so I included some of the line work here, even though it may look a little odd in the finished drawing. 

I quickly added some colored pencil after the fact. It should probably be a little more gray, but at least the color adds a bit more life to the drawing.

2 thoughts on “Squirrel on Tree – Ink and Colored Pencil

  1. He looks great! I like squirrels… when they aren't breaking my birdfeeders all winter!They have such cute little faces, and you have captured it delightfully! :)))

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