Stickers and Preschool Presentation – How to tell 3-year-olds about drawing?

So today I did a presentation to my daughter’s 3-year-old preschool class about drawing. 
How do you keep preschoolers interested in a short talk? Interactive and hands-on!

Ask Them Questions
I only had about 10 minutes, and so I did some back and forth questions and answers with the kids, asking about drawing, what they liked to draw with, etc. I told them what I like to draw, including houses, animals and flowers, and explained some of the materials I use. 
Give Them Something to Touch
While I was talking, I passed around different paper (rough drawing paper, smooth hot press watercolor paper) so that they could feel the difference, and I showed how a crayon mark looks different on each. I also passed around some printouts of drawings I have done.
I think the biggest hit, however, were the daffodils that I brought. I told them how I especially like to draw flowers and gave them each one to look at up close. We talked about what shapes they saw in the center or in the petals and how that is a good way to draw something – by looking at the shapes you see. They liked pulling them apart, of course. 🙂

Something to Take Home

I gave them each a small piece of the rough and smooth papers to take home along with some stickers (of my tulip, daffodil and camel drawings–yeah for Zazzle stickers!) and a coloring page of the one daffodil drawing so that they could color at home if they want. I figure that if they took nothing else out of the little talk, maybe they would have fun coloring later!

Overall, not a bad first attempt at presenting to young kids! I owe a big thank you to fellow Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) members who gave me some great suggestions for making the presentation a success.

Have you ever presented your art or craft to young kids? How did it go?

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  1. Thanks! I just finally chose a different template a few days ago. I really love the way yours looks – did you use a template or do some customizing? I would like to maybe do tabs or customize a bit more, but for now, this is much improved!Carol

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