Japanese Iris Blossom – Ink and Colored Pencil

Happy Monday! I had a chance to work on and finish this drawing of a Japanese Iris blossom. I had bought a small bunch at the store a few weeks ago and had done some sketching at the time. I finally had an opportunity to add color to the blossom sketch last night. I just love these particular iris with the bright yellow midrib and delicate, draping blossoms. So beautiful!

I completed this with my usual array of Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils on smooth bristol paper, doing some basic pen work with my Rapidograph 3X0 (.25) pen. Interestingly, the center part of the blossom that was still closed in this view really is a darker, more reddish-purple color than the lighter blue-purple outer petals.
As you can tell from my posts, I really like iris and daffodil! I also really love tulips, but haven’t done much drawing of them. What are some of your favorite spring flowers?

7 thoughts on “Japanese Iris Blossom – Ink and Colored Pencil

  1. Hyacinths, Lily of the Valley… They are the "scents" of spring to me! Very pretty Iris…we've got a little longer to wait for the ones in the garden, thanks for the preview! 🙂

  2. Lovely iris,I really like the penand the colours;I love cherry blossom,parrot tulips,crocus,tiny violets;could go on!!I'm painting mini dafs at the mo'

  3. Thanks, Melody, Claire and Robbie! Yes, I have some hyacinths coming up right now and am looking forward to the scent! I also love the cherry blossoms-used to live in Maryland and had a cherry tree out front. So pretty with the carpet of petals each spring!Carol

  4. I like the velvety texture on the petals, Carol. My favorite early spring flowers are snow drops and some species tulips I have in my rock garden. They are small but very bright yellow with a black splotch at the base.

  5. Thanks, Janene and clean_world!Janene – the snowdrops are lovely and the tulips sound really striking! We have some hyacinth blooming right now. So pretty!Carol

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