Recipe Cards! Do you prefer lines or no lines?

Thanks to a suggestion from my cousin Jess, who is a fantastic designer and cook (check out her blog – The Saucy Kitchen), I have been creating new recipe cards in Zazzle. 
I have been having fun with variations on a couple of designs. For example, the garlic scapes card above has lines for writing on both front and back. Some cards have solid lines on the front and some have split lines on the front for ingredient lists. Also, there are cards with images on the front (like the one above) and some just have images on the back.

The beauty of Zazzle is that it allows you to customize so that if you prefer a blank writing area (i.e., no lines), you can simply delete them from the card. In the front-image cards, you can also change the background color, or choose to return it to a white background, giving you flexibility to match your color preferences.

I would love to hear if you prefer lines or no lines, or if you would like to see other illustrations on the cards that are not currently there? 
Feel free to browse around the new selections and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Recipe Cards! Do you prefer lines or no lines?

  1. Hi Carol,Your recipe cards are a great idea. I've done them too, though I've printed them myself. I do prefer lines,and use them on mine, as it seems to me that people find it easier to write legibly on lines than on blank paper.-Anita (in Michigan)

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