Zazzle update on Japan Relief products/royalties – fixed

I just received an email from Zazzle that provides an update on the confusion surrounding the initial Japan Relief donation issue. They have been able to fix the situation as follows – thanks Zazzle!

“Zazzle is deeply saddened by the tragic events in Japan and has been working very hard in the last week to ensure that the Zazzle community can contribute effectively in support of relief aid efforts. In the Japan Relief store, you will find hundreds of Seller-contributed designs along with an official “Support Japan” t-shirt. While $10 of the proceeds from each official t-shirt will be donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross, all additional designs donated by Sellers will also benefit charity. For each donated design with royalties set at 10%, Zazzle will contribute a matching donation in addition to the donated royalties.

Last week, we were so moved by the news that we wanted to act fast, but as a result, we found ourselves in a flurry of misunderstandings as to what our system could and couldn’t do. On Wednesday, we confirmed that we are able to withhold royalties manually, so we will be making those deductions from each Seller’s account by hand for all donated products sold between March 11th and April 12th. The sales will still show up in Seller accounts, but royalties will be deducted prior to payment and donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion about community donations, and we want to reassure you that our intentions are good! Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed toward this important cause, and thanks also for forgiving our eager initial response.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the people of Japan and their families at this difficult time.
The Zazzle Team”

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