Daffodil Sketches – ink and colored pencil

I have added some colored pencil to these daffodil sketches. This is definitely a loose addition of color as I did not have lots of time to spend on it, but I love that it shows the brightness of the blossoms. This was done on Strathmore vellum drawing paper, so the texture was much rougher than what I usually work on (which is smooth Bristol or hot press watercolor paper.) The drawing paper adds a lot of nice texture, but it is also harder to get the smoothness that might work better with the blossoms in this case. It would take more layers of color, sharper pencils, and a bit more patience/time than I had for this round!

3 thoughts on “Daffodil Sketches – ink and colored pencil

  1. Just lovely! I normally work with hot pressed paper or board myself, but have ventured into "Medium" and "Rough" territory lately.Off to look at more of your work!Cheers,Cindy

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