Condo House Portrait (pen and ink) – finished!

I have finally finished my last pen and ink house portrait commission for the year! The image size is approximately 10″ x 8″. This was a condo/townhouse unit and it was a rather tricky portrait to complete. There is actually a large pine tree right on the corner of the house that obscures most of it, so the client agreed that I could remove that from the final drawing. 
In addition, the front of condo faces another condo with just a narrow walkway in between the two. It was difficult to get a good reference photo, so I did a lot of cobbling together of various photos and angles to get the final view. Overall, it was a very interesting portrait to complete and a good learning experience!

4 thoughts on “Condo House Portrait (pen and ink) – finished!

  1. Happy New Year Carol.Glad to see you are finding more time to draw. It is interesting to see how well your images on the different products. Good luck with it. As usual love your attention to detail with the house.millyx

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