March Bead Journal Project – in progress

I am still plugging away at my March Bead Journal Project, and thought I would post an in-progress scan. I’m not sure when I’ll finish it, but I am enjoying just doing whatever comes to mind with this one.

The fabric is a darker mossy green/brown piece of ultrasuede. I am using brighter colored beads this month, which I think stand out nicely on the background. And I had this neat-looking turtle bead that I wanted to include. So, I have sort of ended up with a turtle on an orange rock with a very colorful body of water around it. At least that’s how I see it! I’m always interested in everyone’s interpretation, so feel free to leave comments. Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “March Bead Journal Project – in progress

  1. To me it looks like spring is coming. The turtle is sunning on a rock in the pond, all the colors swirling about are the energy that spring seems to usher in. You can spend time outdoors now, the kids can run around in circles. But who really knows? Only you will when you continue to work on your piece!Yours,Susan

  2. This one speaks of flow and of connectedness to me… I love it!Your flower/plant drawings are fabulous, Carol!I'm only doing March now too… and I want to take my time with it… let it develop, just as you seem to be doing.Robin A.

  3. Thanks, Robin! I actually had time to do some more on it this week and I agree with you – flow and connectedness seems to be the theme. It's been a fun one to create. Looking forward to finishing up and starting April! Glad you are enjoying the artwork, too!

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