January Bead Journal – finished!

Well, here it is! I’ve finished my January Bead Journal piece. I scanned it (rather than taking a photo), so the fabric looks a little lumpy because of the big bead. Eventually, I hope to bind all of the pages together somehow into a book of sorts. I still need to add a backing and possibly a border around the whole thing.

I really like the colors of this piece, though I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the layout. I keep looking at it upside-down and liking that better! So, I may flip it. Who knows! I’m just happy that I completed it. I would love to hear any comments/suggestions anyone may have.

13 thoughts on “January Bead Journal – finished!

  1. I think it looks great! When I look at it, it makes me think of a winter carnival spinning faris wheel and twirling confetti snowflakes walking along the boardwalk pathways. I like it either direction you are thinking of displaying it.

  2. Beautiful, Carol!!! The Rhodonite stones are set off in such a lovely way, the wheels turn, one pathway leads to another and my eye moves round and round!!!! Yay!!Robin A.

  3. Hi Carol,There is such a lot of movement in your piece. Not only the illusion created by the wheels, but the paths you created and the texture by using different sized beads. I keep striving for that in my beading but I never quite get it. ~lol~ I like you color choice too and love the secondary spokes in the largest wheel.Fun piece!Another Carol

  4. I agree, paths and movement. I don't think I'd see it as easily if turned upside-down because the one "path" feels right going across the bottom as a grounding influence. It's lovely!

  5. I like the colors, too, they remind me of a winter sunset. I have frequently started a piece and then shifted the orientation. It's your piece, and there's no right or wrong, so you can do whatever you want. Plus, you can always wait and see how you feel about it later.

  6. It's lovely, and in some of my favorite colors. I've found myself changing the orientation of pieces when I'm halfway through. More than once. And I figure that the beads told me to do it.Marty SCrackpot Beader

  7. Thank you all so much for your feedback! It's so interesting to see what you like/how you interpret the piece. I love how you all make me think about it differently.To Lisa: interesting question – could be the two wheels are my two girls? One is a toddler, the other is 5 months. I'll continue to ponder that one for awhile. :)Carol

  8. I really like this piece and I think that it looks perfect this way around. I like your choose of colours too…I don't think I have one purple bead in my whole collection.

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