Raspberry sprig – pen and ink

This is the raspberry plant in pen and ink. I deliberately just did a line drawing, trying to emphasize heavier lines/lighter lines to show a bit of depth.

I will be using this as a base for my colored pencil rendering, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out!

3 thoughts on “Raspberry sprig – pen and ink

  1. This has some lovely qualities, and is a nice composition. I love the litlle detail of the flower stamens, if thats the correct word. Will look forward to seeing the colour version.

  2. You have some very well observed drawings here, this one looks nice as a line drawing without colour. Maybe you could save a line version before you add colour?

  3. Thanks very much! I've already started adding color to the original, but I actually do have a higher resolution version scanned in of the line version. I think ink/line is one of my favorite mediums. So clean and pure, in a way.

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