Maple tree buds

Our maple tree out front has been budding up recently, and the buds look like bright red berries. Very pretty!

I did some loose pen and ink sketching of a branch, and then a close-up sketch of one bud. I then added color to the bud. I’ve included images of both the pen and ink only version as well as the bud in color. I just love pen and ink, but can’t help adding the color in colored pencil these days! I think it livens it up and it is a comfortable way for me to add color since I like working with pencils.

3 thoughts on “Maple tree buds

  1. Hi Carol,these look nice, I love drawing buds on branches, most people walk by and never notice all the wonderful detail in such a small thing. Did you draw these while outside or from a twig you brought in? Looks great!

  2. Hi Mary,Thanks! Yes, I thought the tree looks so beautiful with all of the big, red buds on the branches. I actually took photos of this one when I was out in the yard with my daughter (she’s only 2, so no opportunity to sketch it with her there!) and then just cropped the best photo and worked from that.

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