Rose – colored pencil study – finished!

I did some additional work on the main flower, the stems, and also the leaf. I think it’s finally finished. It’s been a fun project to get some practice with the colored pencils.

9 thoughts on “Rose – colored pencil study – finished!

  1. Hi Carol,Wow, it looks great! I love the small bud on the left, hard to see much on the screen I’m viewing it on, but it looks ‘sweet’! as my son would say! I’m glad you’re trying out the colored pencils…next you’ll be messing with watercolor pencils! great job!Mary

  2. Thanks, Mary! Yes, I’m having fun with the colored pencils. I’d love to try some watercolored pencils next. I have some, so I just have to find some time to play around with them.

  3. Thanks, Jill and Diann!Diann – yes, I’ve been cheating a bit with the flower drawings…doing a lot from photos that I’ve taken. But I did work with the daffodil in person. They do fade fast!

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