Woodland Peony – opened seed pod

I’m liking this Woodland Peony seed pod, so I’ve done another sketch. This time, the pod has burst open and spilled out most of the seeds. As before, I used pen and ink and colored pencil. It’s shape is so distorted from the original star-like pod that it is hard to recognize. When I first saw it I was surprised. I think I assumed the pods would crack open and the seeds fall out quickly (especially since they look so plump and heavy.) Instead it sort of inverts and the seeds appear to ooze away slowly.

4 thoughts on “Woodland Peony – opened seed pod

  1. I have enjoyed looking through your drawings. I can see you do like to work with pencils, you have some wonderfully detailed work. Eileen

  2. Thanks, Eileen! I have been enjoying browsing around your blogs. The natural finds (feathers, shells, etc.) that you have drawings of are just wonderful. Carol

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